Helping others takes the selfishness in our lives and replaces it with selflessness. It gives us a sense of self worth and make us feel good about ourselves. Helping others is beneficial not only to you, but to the people you help.

The Mantra “Exceed Peoples Expectations”, then you will have steady repeat business, and referrals.

As a home inspector, being helpful is one of the most important traits that will bring you future referrals. Everyone who hires your inspection service expects you to do a very good inspection, and provide a very good inspection report. Doing a really good inspection, is considered by most, to be just doing your job.

Do More – Provide More

Your inspection will usually produce a list of minor items, as well as major items.  Pointing out what’s wrong is doing your job, but providing a resource that explains how to remedy / fix the problem is a home inspector being more  helpful. This website was produced to help all those involved it the real estate transaction – your client, the seller, as well as the agents.  We suggest asking the listing agent to share this resource with the home seller, its about helping all the parties better understand your findings.